CA App Synthetic Monitor API 2022.8.3/2022.8.3 : cp_check

Perform a specified check, optionally at a specific checkpoint (no logging, no alerts, no second opinion)

price: (varies)
Monitor TypeCost
script_firefox10 check credit(s)
browser5 check credit(s)
script5 check credit(s)
other1 check credit

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parametervaluetypedefault / required*notes
nkeytoken Session key or token. Automatically assigned (only if optional) or obtained via acct_login/acct_token call.  
checklocchar (2) Checkpoint to use (deprecated).  
cpnsint0 Checkpoint (PoP) name space (deprecated).  
sourcestring (255) Checkpoint group to use (replaces checkloc and cpns).  
cpidstring0 Internal value, do not use.  
typeenum (connect, ping, http, pop3, smtp, imap, gopher, ftp, telnet, script, scriptxl, scriptxxl, plugin, dnsa, dnsns, https, ftps, tftp, scp, sftp, sip, dns, domain, ldap, trace, browser, whois, browserscript, script_chrome, script_ie, script_firefox, tmpl_jmeter, tmpl_browser, se, webdriver)http Protocol to test.  
hoststring (128) *Hostname or IP address (v4/v6).  
portint TCP/UDP port to use. Defaults to the standard port of the protocol (type parameter).  
pathtext Path of the file to retrieve during the test.  
postmediumblob Content to POST (http/https) or upload.  
accountstring (128) Account to identify the tester. Format depends on protocol. For HTTP domain\user can be used for MSFT authentication.  
passwdstring (1024) Password for authentication. Only used if the account parameter is present.  
ipversionint IP version 4 or 6. Default try 6 then 4.  
parameterstext Additional parameters for the test.  
optionsstring (4096) Options for the checker. URL encoded string.  
timeoutint8 Timeout in seconds. When the system under test does not respond within this time, the test is considered a FAIL.  
maxreadint Maximum number of bytes to retrieve. Not supported in all protocols, and is only used as a request.  
uastring (255)wm User agent.  
dummyunsigned int Dummy parameter to make the REST call unique and prevent caching.  
callbackstring Callback function for JSONP style calls. When this parameter is given, the result will be JSON instead of XML.  
viewenum (xml, json)xml Specifies the desirable representation of the output (XML or JSON). HTTP Accept header can be used and has precedence.  


  <status> unsigned int </status>
  <loc> string </loc>
  <message> string </message>
  <rtime> unsigned int </rtime>
  <ttime> unsigned int </ttime>
  <ctime> unsigned int </ctime>
  <ptime> unsigned int </ptime>
  <dtime> unsigned int </dtime>
  <dsize> unsigned int </dsize>
  <dsizex> unsigned int </dsizex>
  <user> unsigned int </user>
  <memory> string </memory>
  <detail> string </detail>
  <final> unsigned int </final>
  <cp_city> string </cp_city>
  <cp_country> string </cp_country>
  <cp_lat> string </cp_lat>
  <cp_lng> string </cp_lng>
  <cp_id> unsigned int </cp_id>
  <source> unsigned int </source>
  <ip> string </ip>
  <lat> float </lat>
  <lng> float </lng>
  <url> string </url>
  <version> string </version>
(presence of output fields depends on input parameters)

Error codes:

1000authentication error
1001call syntax error
1002undefined name or id
1003account limit exceeded
1004database error
1005duplicate entry
1006upgrade account
1007not yours (anymore)
1008session expired
1009insufficient credits
1010messaging error
1011undefined result
1012cannot perform that operation
1013illegal parameter value
1014TOS restriction
1015unconfirmed address
1016contact helpdesk first
9999unsupported feature
1017value not allowed

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